The 2011 Miss Reef Calendar

Reef is proud to release the second installment of a five-year series of Miss Reef Calendars shot entirely in Latin America. The 2011 Miss Reef Calendar was photographed throughout the Pacific side of Panama, capturing Reef's most treasured subjects: Exotic beach locations and the beautiful mysterious and sensual Miss Reef

Alana Blanchard

Alana Blanchard - Ridiculously Comfortable 

Keala Kennelly

Even if you aren’t a big surfing fan, Keala Kennelly is a recognizable name and face because of her mainstream appearances. She had a cameo in the 2002 Hollywood flick Blue Crush and earned a recurring role in HBO’s now-defunct drama series John From Cincinnati.

Although she has tried to branch out into acting, Keala Kennelly is one of the best female surfers around. She’s known as the Queen of Teahupoo. She was the first woman to be towed there and rode the biggest tow-in wave by a woman.

Surfer girl Grom Leilani Surfing Pavones Costa Rica

Check this out, coming up surfer, amazing huh....

Megan Abubo

Born in Connecticut and raised in Hawaii, Megan Abubo showcases a style honed on powerful reef-breaks and deepwater ocean waves.
Growing up in Hawaii, Megan quickly became one of the "beach boys" and worked her way to a spot on the World Championship Tour ranks in 1998. She has been on the WCT ever since and in 2000 she was runner up for the world title. She has had many victories both in and out of the water. In October 2004 Megan won the WCT Rip Curl Malibu Pro and shot from 14th to 9th in the ratings. In 2002, she won the WCT Figueira Pro in Portugal, and in 2001 she won the WCT Roxy Pro in Fiji. Throughout her career she has had 5 other WCT victories.
Megan joined a handful of the best women surfers in the world on the first all-female boat trip with Transworld Surf to Indonesia in 2004

megan abubo

Serena Brooke

  A former regular on the World Tour, Brooke twice finished runner-up for the World Title and at one point during the 2001 World Tour was ranked #1. Brooke has a strong training regimen, and in her spare time loves snowboarding and skateboarding.

Layne Beachley


Layne Beachley was born Tania Maris Gardner on 24 May 1972 in Sydney, Australia. Her mother was only seventeen years old and unmarried so she was soon adopted by Neil and Valerie Beachley, who lived in nearby Manly. When Layne was only six years old, Valerie suffered a post-operative brain hemorrhage and died, leaving Layne and her brother to be raised by a family friend. Beachley has spoken publicly about personal struggles, including the fact that she was conceived during a date rape and later adopted out. She met her biological mother for the first time in 1999. Beachley was brought up in the competitive Manly surfing scene and was competing and winning against mens heats at 15. It is thought that here is where she had developed her strength and style that would make her an unbeaten world champion and big wave rider. Beachley was always available when possible for any worthwhile cause in the community whether it was for sewerage outfall protests or promoting the sport and charities that she is close to.

Erica Hosseini

Born: May 24, 1987

Palm Springs, California
If you have watched MTV’s Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County, then you likely have the perception that Newport Beach produces hot women like North Carolina produces NBA players. Surfer Erica Hosseini definitely doesn’t bring the average down.
Erica Hosseini started surfing when she was 11 and she has built a nice resume since then. She has won the 2005 Volcom Championships, the 2005 U.S. Championships and the 2007 Roxy Pro Junior, making Erica Hosseini a part of the new generation of up-and-comers.
This blonde girl next door has also done some ad pages in magazines like Teen Vogue, Cosmogirl and Elle Girl

Daize Shayne

Born: May 21, 1978
Yucaipa, California
Daize Shayne is the triple threat on this list as she’s parlayed her looks, athletic ability and musical talent into successful surfing, modeling and music careers.
Daize Shayne first ripped it up on the waves and became a two-time longboard surfing champion before moving into modeling. The sexy babe has appeared in Maxim, Sports Illustrated, GQ, Teen, and she did a 16-page spread in ReadyGo Magazine Japan alongside Britney Spears. Needless to say, the camera likes her.
Daize Shayne’s first album dropped in 2005, titled Live Your Dreams and although she looks like she could be a pop princess, you won’t find anything soft on her CD. She loves old-school rock like Led Zeppelin, which is the flavor of her album.

Courtney Conlogue

Southern California high school seniors often experience luxuries like off campus lunches, photography classes, senior trips, and bonus yearbook pages. For Courtney Conlogue, Class of 2010, her last year has been a bit different. While her fellow classmates planned for their futures – Courtney took on Surfing’s World Qualifying Tour, a string of contests held around the globe that decides which surfers will be apart of surfing’s elite and travel on the Women’s ASP World Championship Tour. It’s all she wanted, it’s been a goal of hers since she was ten.

Her first year trying and she’s done it. She qualified. She’ll begin her rookie year on the Tour in 2011.

“To finally get here, it’s a relief. Now it’s that next step,” says Courtney, “I’m on the World Championship Tour. Now I have to put all that effort that I’ve worked for and actually showcase it all.” Read More....

Talia Gangini

Talia Gangini was born and raised in the Hawaiian Islands. She soaked up all that is beautiful about Hawaii: surf, arts and long walks on the beach hunting Puka shells. Life in Maui has groomed her athletic fire and capabilities. When her dad took her out on a surfboard for the first time at 15 months, it must have triggered something deep inside of her. In 2007, Talia became the youngest women to ever paddle the 32 mile Molokai to Oahu paddle board race on a team. This year she is planning to do it Solo. She is also planning to compete in the OC-1 Race covering the same distance. Her long term goal is to carry on the Polynesian tradition of paddling and becoming the best water women to beat.  Read More....

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