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Sanoe Lake, JAMAICA in My Photos by Sanoe Lake

Sanoe Lake is new to film but not to surfing. The Hawaii native and model turned actress comes from a long line of notable athletes involved in water sports.
Her mother won numerous surfing championships and is one of the legendary Waikiki Beach Riders and her father is a Big Wave surfer in Hawaii. Her grandfather was a member of the Kahuanu Lake Trio while her grandmother at age 72 remains an avid rough-water swimmer. Read More...
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Sanoe Lake PHOTO NABIL    Sanoe Lake

Calavera Swimwear - the bikini that stays on

This is the story behind Calavera Swimwear - the bikini that stays on. Product line to be released in May 2011. Visit for more information.

Lakey Peterson, Santa Barbara Surfer

Young Santa Barbara surfer Lakey Peterson likes to do it all and in May she almost did. Already a decorated surfing talent at the age of 16, she can now say she’s a star of the big screen and a magazine cover girl as well.
Lakey received the red carpet treatment at L.A.’s California Science Center for the May 19th Premier of the NIKE 6.0 all-girl Leave A Message, a ground-breaking surf flick that is sending big waves through the sports world for progressive styles said to be as good or better than the guys. Read more....

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Monyca byrne-Wickey

19-year-old Maui native Monyca Byrne-Wickey has been turning heads lately. And not in places she’s accustomed to doing so…like in Downtown Los Angeles above the STAPLES Center. Her new Gatorade billboard, one that places her directly adjacent to tennis powerhouse Serena Williams, is unapologetically responsible for more than a few fender benders on the congested streets of L.A. But for Byrne-Wickey, things couldn’t be better. We caught up with the Hana local to get the latest

Coco Ho, Hawaiian surfer

The daughter of renowned surfing champion Michael Ho and the niece of Derek Ho, Coco was raised among surfing royalty—and both she and her brother, Mason, have followed in their footsteps.
Recently, Coco won the ASP Dream Tour competition in Portugal. She’s currently competing for the ASP Women’s World title—and at nineteen years of age, she’ll be the youngest champion in surfing history, male or female, if she wins. In addition, she’d be the first female winner from Hawaii since 1981, when Margo Oberg won the title. She’d also be the first competitor, male or female, to snag both the ASP World Qualifying Series and the Dream Tour world titles in the same year.

Leave A Message, a MUST SEE Video from Nike

Nike 6.0 presents this latest film project, the film Leave A Message, starring only the new generation of woman athletes who want to create and innovative visions of the new limits of the category.

The group of talented grils includes surfers Carissa Moore (Hawaii), Lakey Peterson (USA), Laura Enever (Australia), Coco Ho (Hawaii), Byrne-Wickey Monyca (Hawaii) and Malia Manuel (Hawaii).

In the breathtaking scenery as Australia, California, Hawaii and Mexico, the new generation reveals what's behind the world circuit in the air show and tubes.

"I live surrounded by surf all day, every day, and I follow many good guys. But these girls are doing things that is hard to believe, " anticipates Jason Kenworthy, film director and photographer team from Nike 6.0.


Carissa Moore, 18, becomes youngest-ever world surfing champion

Friday, July 15, 2011 9:56am
Carissa Moore lost to Stephanie Gilmore in the final of the Roxy Pro Biarritz on Friday in France, but not before clinching enough points to be crowned the youngest-ever ASP world surfing champion.

Moore, 18, was presented with the title after the semifinals. After she defeated French surfer Pauline Ado in the first semifinal, in three-foot surf, her closest rival, Sally Fitzgibbons, needed to win the event to carry the race to the seventh and final ASP Women's World Tour more....

Sally Fitzgibbons

Twenty-year-old surfer, Sally Fitzgibbons, qualified for the ASP World Tour in 2008 faster than any man or woman before her. A true professional athlete with a drive comparable to the world’s best sports stars, the fit Australian is barely an arm’s length away from clutching that World Title—she ended World No. 2 in 2010 and in 2011 she’s chomping at the bit. Her ambition is obvious simply in the way she approaches every heat—and every facet of her life. Her positive attitude, well-roundedness, glowing smile and desire to work hard will make Sally unbeatable.

Sally Fitzgibbons Camp at HPC

Karina Petroni, Model—Surfer

If you’re seeking out an athlete that also doubles as being a humanitarian, glance no additional than Karina Petroni. You’ve most likely experienced her encounter right before, that is certainly if you’ve seen the very popular documentary, The Cove. Petroni was one in all several activists that uncovered the key slaughtering of dolphins inside a Japanese town.

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