Bianca Buitendag

Bianca, born in 1994 grew up in a Surfing family with two brothers, surfing from age 7. She learned to surf in the beach breaks of the Strand as well as at the Jongensfontein point break. The family then moved to Victoria Bay when she was age 11. It was here that Bianca started focusing more on competitive surfing. Bianca soon stood out at a young age winning the Billabong u/20 girls finals at age 13 as well as coming 9th at Mr Price WQS at age 14. By the year 2009 Bianca won every single contest she entered in South Africa.

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Serene Gunnison

Serene Gunnison
Age: 15
Favorite spot: Ho’okipa
Hobbies: just surf!
Best result: 2nd in MIL Surf champs, 3rd HSA Honolua Bay
School: 3.8 GPA
Kazuma Surfboards

Silvana LIma

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Hometown: Paracuru-Ceara, lives in Rio De Janiero, Brazil
Birthdate: October 29, 1984
Homebreak: Rio

Sage Erickson

At 20 years old, Sage Erickson is a lot like the surroundings of her upbringing – part country, part surf, and full of life. Sage was born in Ojai, Calif., raised on the North Shore, taught herself to surf as a kid and continues to love life as a professional surfer. She is equally comfortable surfing an international contest as she is conducting on-camera interviews ...or hosting a fashion show in front of a crowd full of screaming fans.

It’s that competitive drive and playful spirit that sets this straight-A student apart from most of her peers, both in and out of the water.

Farhana Huq, Brown Girl Surf

Farhana Huq, founder of Brown Girl Surf, first stood on a surfboard at the late age of 26. She didn’t realize this moment would change her life. Farhana fell head over heels in love with the sport which would lead her to start Brown Girl Surf, a unique project that synthesizes her journey to go pro with surfing with a broader journey of finding and supporting the first female surfers around the world. Before this journey, Farhana already had quite a few adventures to talk about. She’s done everything from creating educational soap operas to helping low-income immigrant women start their own businesses in America, to traveling the world to find other female surfers. She began volunteering when she was 14, and eventually worked on issues of homelessness and housing, dance arts programs for youth and anti-war activism for Congoclip
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