Tia Blanco, This Surfer is One to Watch

Name: Tiarah Blanco aka Tia or Ti-Ti

Age: 16

Hometown: San Clemente, CA

Sport: surfing – goofy foot

Home break: Lowers

Places I’ve surfed: California, Hawaii, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Australia and Mexico

Ethnicity: Filipino (mostly) with a bit of Italian, German, Irish, French, American Indian

GPA: I average a 4.0

About me: I was originally born in Puerto Rico. I’m a vegan and I love the ocean. I shortboard, longboard and SUP. I started competing in 2008. I now compete in the NSSA Open, NSSA Explorer, WSA, and Scholastic Surfing Series. I was also one of the 19 girls chosen to compete in Surfing America Prime and I made it to the USA National Championships in 2010 for shortboadrding.

Goals: I have SO MANY goals! I would love to make it to NSSA Nationals and/or the State Championships. Eventually, I’d like to make it to the finals or win one of them someday (baby steps). I would also like to teach physically and mentally challenged kids how to surf. And in the long run I would like to have a career in the surfing industry making my own line of clothes and bathing suits.

Inspirations: First and foremost my parents they inspire me every day. However, I really look up to Carissa Moore, Coco Ho and Bethany Hamilton. They’re great and humble surfers. When I am older I want to be a good role model just like they are to me.

Motto: ‘Always do your best at whatever you do because that will make the difference between good and great.’

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