Bethany Hamilton wins 2014 Surf-n-Sea Pipeline Pro

2014 Surf-n-Sea Pipeline Pro Results:
1. Bethany Hamilton
2. Moana Jones
3. Sayuri Hashimoto
4. Dax McGill

The definition of resilience might as well include the name Bethany Hamilton.
On Thursday, eleven years after losing her left arm during a shark attack, the inspirational 24-year-old won the Surf-N-Sea Pipeline Women's Pro, a major event in the realm of women's surfing.
 Her inspirational story became the basis for the Hollywood film “Soul Surfer,” and these days she travels the world surfing big waves and doing church and charity work for victims of traumatic injuries. She likes to surf Pipeline even on heavy days when she has to compete for waves with a large crowd.
Surfing with one arm is challenging; surfing Pipeline with one arm is simply amazing. Her strong, powerful surfing in the 3- to 4-foot waves at the famous Banzai Pipeline in Hawaii gave her a commanding win over her competitors. While the waves weren’t huge, Hamilton noted they were “better than most waves I surf all over the world in contests.”

Photo courtesy Hamilton’s Facebook page

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