ESPN The Magazine 2014 Body Issue: A Very Classy shoot with a Very Classy Girl..Coco Ho

Hawaii's Coco Ho surfs on the ASP World Tour, won Rookie of the Year in 2009 and currently sits 10th in the 2014 rankings. "I'm extremely proud of myself for being comfortable in my skin to do this," she told ESPN. A Very Classy shoot with a Very Classy lady..Coco Ho

Ho may be one of the lesser-known athletes shot for the magazine, but is highly accomplished. She grew up in a surfing family and is one of the top ranked women in the sport.
“My uncle Derek was the first male Hawaiian world champ. My dad was a two-time Triple Crown [winner] — that’s like our world title here in Hawaii,” Ho told the magazine. “My brother has been competing for as long as I have. Having everyone in surfing was nothing but support — and good advice.”
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