Bailey Nagy

Name: Bailey Nagy
Nickname: none
Date of Birth: 2.4.96
Hometown: North Shore, Oahu
1. Dax McGill-Sunset Beach, HI 10.70
2. Bailey Nagy-Haleiwa, HI 10.17
3. Tia Blanco-San Clemente, CA 8.13
4. Mahina Maeda-Sunset Beach, HI 6.47

Pipeline Women's Pro - 3rd Place
Volcom VQS Championships - 3rd Place
NSSA Nationals 'Explorer Women'- 6th Place
NSSA Nationals 'Explorer Girls' - 2nd Place
USA Championships 'Girls U14' - 2nd Place
WSA 'Girls U16' - 1st Place
HASA 'Girls U17' - 2nd Place
NSSA Lahaina, Maui September 2010 'Explorer Girls' - 1st Place
NSSA Sunset Beach, Oahu October 2010 'Explorer Girls' - 3rd Place
Volcom Maili Point 2010 - 2nd Place
Haleiwa International Open - 1st Place
NSSA ranked 1st in Explorer Girls, 2nd in Explorer Women, and 2rd in Open Women
Rated #9 in Women's Junior ASP
NSSA Surfer of the Week - October 2009
2009/2010 NSSA Season - Qualified Finalists in 3 Divisions
USA Championships Girls Under 14 girls - 3rd Place
Women's Junior Pro Huntington Beach - Quarter Finals
Rip Curl Grom Search Huntington Beach - Top 8
Nationals 2009 - Qualified in 3 events
Irons Brothers Classic, April 2008 - 1st place Shortboard
No Fear/Koastal Kaos Series - 1st place

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