Cami and Jax Swimwear, Designed by Camille and Jackie Brady

Cami and Jax Swimwear / Mahina Alexander from Camille Brady on Vimeo.

Cami and Jax
Camille and Jackie, the sister team behind the Cami and Jax brand, grew up together on the beaches of Kauai, surrounded by water and a community of friends and family deeply in love with the ocean and everything it has to offer. The girls learned to swim at an early age and wore bikinis more often than clothes growing up.
Inspired by this simple, adventurous waterfront lifestyle, Camille and Jackie set out to create a swimwear line that would evoke the spirit of the people and places that shaped their lives, combining beauty, elegance, and grace with practical, down-to-earth versatility.
Camille grew up with a passion for surfing, and by the end of high school, she had already started on a career as a professional surfer in Hawaii. But she found that the drive to compete and win took the joy out of the sport for her, and she chose instead to pursue a college education. She later graduated from the University of Hawaii with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Journalism, but never lost her love for surfing or the sea.
In her role as one of the founders of Cami and Jax, Camille brings marketing savvy and business development experience to the team, building connections and promoting the brand. She continues to surf regularly for pure enjoyment, and her deep involvement in the ocean sports community helps shape the company's goals, direction, and design style.
As a little girl, Jackie would take her mother's old clothes, cut them up, and sew them into new creations. With a passion for fashion right from the start, Jackie made apparel design the focus of her life and pursued it with an intense dedication.
Jackie earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Apparel Production Design and Merchandising from the University of Hawaii, and studied fashion in Paris and Florence before putting her talent and experience to work designing Cami and Jax's first line of chic swimwear. Inspired by the people she has known and the beauty she has , her designs combine elegance and function, matching luxury with action.

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